Nov. 21st, 2012

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[ profile] th_wishlist is now open :D/ (as is [ profile] holiday_wishes) in that spirit, I'll make my own wish list. >___>

1. Mail. Cards/letters/anything, really! Surprise me. *puppy eyes*
2. ID laces from your university/workplace (only if you have one to spare) :3
3. Fics. Rec me things, or write something. I enjoy the angsty things, but I also love ALL the fluffy things (balm to my poor, angsted-out soul). I enjoy any and all ratings, too. *eyebrow waggle* ;) Oh, pairings (by fandom): Tokio Hotel - Tom/Georg, twins ('cest or no), Georg/Gustav / Johnny's - anyone (or anything!!!)/kame, ryoda, denden, NTT, miyatama
4. Pictures. Of you, or of anything unique to where you are/where you live. Feel free to include it in the mail. :3
5. I want to watch all the cons now. If anyone has links for anything KAT-TUN (pre-dating Chain)/Arashi (before Beautiful Word)/Kanjani8 (before FIGHT)/NEWS (all of them)/Kis-My-Ft2, please send them my way. *round 2 of puppy eyes*
6. This would be in the 'big ticket' category, but I can dream, y/n? I want an external HD where I can put ALL the downloads (because the external HD at home is shared between five people, and is too cumbersome to be brought outside).
7. A good set of earphones.
8. Photo edits for my fic. >___> (my stuff is tagged on this journal as 'writings') orz *bricked*
9. Give someone a hug - tell those beloved people how much you appreciate them. ♥
10. Smile. Have some *huggles* from me, and have a good/safe/happy holiday. 

...thank you :D


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