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I've taken to reading Hey!Say!JUMP fic, and saw something that intrigued me into doing it. Drabble meme taken from [livejournal.com profile] dreamweavernyx @ [livejournal.com profile] scattered_paper.

Step 1: Write down the names of 10 characters.

1. Miyata Toshiya
2. Nakamaru Yuichi
3. Morita Takahiro
4. Kitayama Hiromitsu
5. Senga Kento
6. Tamamori Yuta
7. Ueda Tatsuya
8. Fujigaya Taisuke
9. Taguchi Junnosuke
10. Yamamoto Yusuke

Step 2: Write a fic of around twenty five thirty words for every prompt, using the characters determined by the numbers. Do NOT read the prompts before you do step 1.

01. First Time - 4 & 6 (Kitayama + Tamamori)

"How was it?" Kitayama is eager to know.

Tamamori's face goes from comtemplative, to puzzled, to slightly impressed.

"It's good," he finally praises.

Kitayama grins, clearing the table of crepes.


02. Angst - 7 (Ueda)

At his feet are shreds of what used to be musical scores and random lyrics, torn from an old notebook. Breathing heavily, Ueda falls to his knees, tears flowing freely.


03. AU - 1 & 8 (Miyata + Fujigaya)

"Don't you wish you could return to them?" Miyamoon asks Fujigaya-taiyou when they cross paths at dusk.

"I can't, though," Fujigaya-taiyou replies wistfully, looking down at his former pirate ship.


04. Threesome - 3, 6 & 9 (Morita + Tamamori + Taguchi)

Taguchi pokes Tamamori's cheek. "You're spacing out again," he chides.

"I just think Miyacchi's missing out," he says, eyeing Taka, who's belting out an old NEWS song just because.


05. Hurt and Comfort - 5 & 10 (Senga + Yamamoto)

"Move!" Senga practically screams as his bicycle speeds into Yusuke's direction.

It's in those seconds that Yusuke makes his move, catching Senga and cushioning their fall with his own body.


06. Crack - 1 (Miyata)

"Ow," Miyata groans, head throbbing. He grumbles as he stands up, the sudden movement throwing him off balance. He doesn't hit the ground though, his wings effectively restoring his equilibrium.


07. Horror - 10 (Yamamoto)

Yusuke swallows thickly, staring at the tip of the knife pointed at his face.

He's the last one alive in the house, everyone else fell before they could even speak.


08. Babyfic - 5 & 9 (Senga + Taguchi)

Senga's already gone home from his impromptu visit when Taguchi receives mail, saying:

"Thank you for taking care of our group's baby."

He smiles, replies with just a simple ":Db".


09. Dark - 2 & 8 (Nakamaru + Fujigaya)

Together they step into the darkroom, letting their eyes adjust before looking around.

Fujigaya nudges Nakamaru toward a nearby wall covered with pictures, his jaw hanging open the whole while.


10. Romance - 4 & 7 (Kitayama + Ueda)

"Are you sure?" Ueda asks between kisses.

The nod from Kitayama is almost imperceptible, but Ueda sees it all the same.

Their kiss intensifies and Ueda leads them further inside.


11. Deathfic - 2 & 3 (Nakamaru + Morita)

Taka's in the room when it happens. Yuichi's heart has finally slowed to a stop.

The random strumming halts and Taka's tears fall as he speed dials Ueda's phone.


12. AU - 8 & 9 (Fujigaya + Taguchi)

"Wait, I—" Fujigaya's reply is cut off as he scrambles to hold on to the oar, the ground disappearing beneath his feet as Taguchi merrily steers them into the afterlife.


13. Dark - 3 & 4 (Morita + Kitayama)

Kitayama's waiting in the shadows as Taka unlocks the door to his apartment.

"A message from the boss?" Taka says knowingly.

Kitayama drops off the envelope, leaving without a word.


14. Threesome - 1, 5 & 7 (Miyata + Senga + Ueda)

Another crack of the whip, and Senga and Miyata quickly kneels by Ueda's side.

They realized too late that the toll's even higher for waking up the wrong leader.


15. Amnesia - 2 & 10 (Nakamaru + Yamamoto)

It's not fair, Yusuke thinks as he watches Nakamaru wrap another man in an embrace, bitterness fluttering in his chest.

We share the same face, why doesn't he remember me?


16. Hurt and Comfort - 6 & 8 (Tamamori + Fujigaya)

Tamamori's teeth chatters still, even as blankets are wrapped around him.

Something in him snaps, the desire to warm Tamamori up stronger than expected. Fujigaya wraps Tamamori in a hug.


17. Crack - 3 & 9 (Morita + Taguchi)

There's silence when Taka manages to miss the hit by a more than a head's length.

"Wait, you're not Tomoya," Taka says as he looks up to Taguchi's grinning face.


18. Genderswap - 1 & 6 (Miyata + Tamamori)

"He finally succeeded," Miyata remarks as he takes in his female form.

"Run!" Tamamori rushes past, in the same state as Miyata, someone wielding a dress hot in his pursuit.


19. First Time - 2 & 7 (Nakamaru + Ueda)

"Yuichi, relax," Ueda coaxes, one hand running soothing circles on Nakamaru's back.

"I'm trying," Nakamaru replies.

"I'll be gentle," Ueda says as he brings the safety piercer to Nakamaru's ear.


20. Angst - 3 & 8 (Morita + Fujigaya)

Fujigaya picks up the phone on the first ring; starting at the voice on the other line.

"What's wrong?"

Taka's quiet save for the wracking sobs that replace coherent words.


21. Babyfic - 1 (Miyata)

Miyata carefully lifts the bundle into his arms, peering ever so closely at the baby's small, cherubic face.

"He looks just like you," Yuuko speaks, awe laced into her voice.

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