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Title: Love Rocks the Airwaves
Author: miss zero / [livejournal.com profile] dusk037
Pairings/Characters: Taguchi Junnosuke/Tanaka Koki. Appearances by KAT-TUN
Word count: 1,210
Rating: PG-13
Beta: [livejournal.com profile] xingphonic

Warnings: Nightclub AU, a moment stolen from the FLASH PV, and several liberties taken from operating such an establishment/communicating in between the staff and crew.
Notes: Written for [livejournal.com profile] fic_the_faith 2014, in which I wasn't anon at all. /___\ (How do I make up for such a crime?)

Summary: “I have the feeling that tonight I'll be able to get in touch with you...”


Mood music: Taguchi Junnosuke - FLASH | KAT-TUN - THE D-MOTION | *Franco - Renewal


The hallways are well-lit and the floors swept clean when Koki walks in, a smile and a cheerful ”let’s rock tonight” on his lips as he passes by the staff. It’s a few minutes to opening, and the staff makes sure that everything’s in place for when the customers arrive. Koki takes his place on the DJ’s booth, booting up his computer and donning the headphones.

An upbeat tune plays at the lowest possible volume, just to make the mood, and Koki taps the intercom for everyone to know. “Going live in five,” Koki says, and he gradually turns up the volume as the main fluorescent lights are dimmed, replaced by strobe lights flashing in the corners. Guests come in trickles, the partying crowd usually increasing in numbers after midnight.


The music pulsates throughout the club and he feels it in his toes, all the way up to his torso. It’s almost intoxicating, the vibrations the music creates along with the smell of alcohol and smoke permeating the air—the ceiling seems low enough that with each breath, he takes it all in. The scent of it is strong, but he knows this air, familiar with it solely because he experiences it every night. He’d helped create this atmosphere, after all, having built this club from humble beginnings.

He weaves in through the throng of people having the time of their lives dotting the edge of the dance floor, and he smiles. He makes occasional stops, greeting some familiar faces and getting acquainted with the new ones. There’s a pat on his shoulder from some of his male regulars here, having known him enough to be comfortable doing it, or a kiss on the cheek from the bolder women of the crowd, enamored by his always-ready smile.

“Junno!” a voice calls out. The spiky up ‘do is what Junno sees first, and he inclines his head down just a little to find the cutely wolfish smile that matches that voice.

“Uepi!” Junno greets back. “Having fun tonight?” he asks through the blaring music.

Ueda Tatsuya raises his glass with a laugh, the nickname long since stuck and has been embraced for years. Ueda’s attention is then grabbed by another companion’s words, and a man with a large nose joins in the laughter. Junno nods his acknowledgment and takes his leave.

Junno hasn’t even taken two steps when a weight suddenly presses into his chest, and instantly he whips around towards the source, an apology ready at the tip of his tongue. The sight that greets him is that of a young man a little on the side of short, around Ueda’s height. It’s a new, unfamiliar face, the first time he’s seen the other man in his own club. The most striking feature Junno takes notice of are his eyes, gaze piercing, and the crooked nose. Junno sees the other man’s face tilt in a quick once-over, liking the little smirk that makes its way up his face once he’s done.

The pull of the crowd separates them quickly enough, and Junno moves on.


“I didn’t get to properly apologize about earlier,” Junno says into the man’s ear. He’s seen the young man solitarily nursing a drink at the bar, and Junno has taken the chance to acquaint himself with the new guest.

The other man is only mildly surprised, downing a quarter of his glass’ contents before replying, “I should also apologize, it was equally my fault.”

Junno’s laugh carries through their proximity, the sound somehow soothing. “It's okay, really. I'm glad you weren't hurt."

“I'm Kamenashi,” the other man volunteers, offering a handshake.

"I'm Junno," he replies with another huge smile, accepting the handshake. "Well, Kame-chan, shall we dance?" Junno asks, the playful lilt of his voice never once lost in the music blaring throughout the club.

Kame obliges, rising from his perch at the bar and letting Junno lead him towards the dance floor. In the middle of it, in plain sight of the DJ's booth, they move to the thrumming beat of the bass. Junno's rhythm makes Kame stare, in awe of the fluidity in the other man's motion, but a hand on his waist has him following along, a bit rough on the edges but oddly fitting for the pair they make.

"I didn’t know you were into the pretty ones,” Koki drawls into Junno’s in-ear monitor. It’s the tone of Koki’s voice that makes Junno falter in his movements, an imperceptible change in his pace, and he turns around to find Koki staring right at him. Then the eye contact breaks as easily as it began, Koki getting back to mixing music. Junno turns his attention back to Kame, who sees nothing amiss.

It's so perfectly timed, Junno thinks, that Koki would choose to communicate with him when he can only listen, and responding would mean he'd lose. It's a game between Junno and Koki, as it has always been, and tonight Junno is determined to win.

"If I were on the floor with you, d'you know what I would do?" Koki continues, his tone even more drawled out in direct contrast to the fast upbeat tempo he plays for the crowd.

Junno can only picture images in his head; there's an equally lazy retort at the tip of his tongue, but he doesn't dare speak out. It continues, Koki whispering filthy things into his ear, all the way until the song runs its course and Kame opts to take a break.

He leaves Kame at the bar with his business card, the other man left surprised upon reading the name of the club and the word proprietor beneath Junno's name.

"Come back anytime, Kame-chan," Junno calls back as he turns to wave ja one last time.


Junno is taking a breather of his own in the balcony, needing a moment away from the crowd, when his in-ear monitor crackles to life once again. A *song plays exclusively for him, the genre filtering through his ears catching him off-guard. He takes the earpiece off as he hears the last chord, and he sees Koki get out of the booth, passing his headphones to Jin. Their eyes meet and with a small nod, Koki comes up to the balcony and allows Junno to lead the way.

"You wanted to say something?" Junno starts, once they're safely behind closed doors.

Koki doesn't answer, taking Junno's face between his hands and leans up, kissing Junno full on the lips. His tongue brushes Junno's lower lip as though to seek permission, and Junno gives it, mouth opening up into the kiss.

When the kiss breaks, Koki rests his head on Junno's shoulder. "I love you," he whispers.


A light mist covers the windows, dewdrops littering the glass outside. From where he is lying in bed, Junno sees how the streetlights seem to make the dewdrops sparkle. A smile makes its way up his lips and he drifts off, letting his body and mind rest for the night (or what's left of it). The morning will be bright, and his bed still warm with Koki sleeping right next to him. An arm wraps itself around Junno's waist and Koki snuggles to him as he settles contentedly under the covers.

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